Content Success

Plan and write better content

Forget endless keyword research and hours of writing drafts upon drafts. Content Success cuts that work in half by assisting you at each stage of the content creation process. It provides keyword suggestions and recommendations on how you can improve your written content. Create great content your target audience will love with Content Success.

Identify relevant keywords for your target group

  • Keyword Recommendations: Get short and long tail keyword recommendations for your chosen topic based on top ranking websites across major search engines. Choose from multiple languages and over 400 region / country combinations to appeal to your target audience. Use these keywords to craft content that will rank higher in the SERPs.
  • TF*IDF Competition: Create better content than your competitors by exploring the competitive environment. Compare your TF*IDF score against competitors to understand how you can adjust your content to reach top SERP positions.
  • Google Search Console data: use the comprehensive reports in Search Success to find out which pages need to be optimized. Get topic inspiration with Keyword Recommendations and expand your current content to make it more relevant and engaging.
Keyword recommendations

Optimize your content for success in the SERPs

  • Content Editor: get suggestions on what terms to add or remove to make your content more holistic and engaging.
  • integration: adding tags to your content convey to Google what your content is about, helping to improve your changes of ranking highly.
  • HTML export: create or update your content directly in the Content Editor, export it to HTML and copy and paste it directly into your CMS to save time.
Content editor

"We use the TF*IDF tool from Ryte to optimize our content for different languages. In addition, we have been able to derive and implement a great deal of valuable insights and concrete optimization measures for our country shops in recent years."

David Riedmiller
Head of Marketing @limango

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